Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coverage in the final week before the election

When this site first emerged from cyberspace in June 2006, this blogger got quite excited when a letter of his was published; more so when he was making a contributory comment in an article; and if he ever had a photo of him in print, well two copies of the covering newspaper were purchased! All press cuttings at that time were scanned and posted on this blog. Getting coverage in the local papers around election time was much harder.

Fast forward to 2015. All three of us Green candidates received good coverage in the local papers. However, during the week before the election, this blogger found four different photos of his mug in the final edition of the Croydon Advertiser before the actual election. He also appeared on the front page of the Croydon and Sutton Guardian, the news page of the Croydon Citizen, and last, but not least, he was the subject of a revealing piece in Inside Croydon.

Croydon Advertiser (Friday May 1st) - Online version here

Croydon Advertiser (Friday 1st May) - online version here

Alongside the sublime Wilfried Zaha in Croydon Advertiser (Friday May 1st)

Croydon Advertiser (1st May) - Online version here

Croydon Guardian 29th April - online version here

Croydon Citizen (April 2015) - online version here

Article in Inside Croydon (April 29th) - online version here

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