Sunday, June 08, 2014

Open meeting on Citizen's Income

Money for everyone: Citizen’s Income
Open meeting organised by Croydon Green Party
Speaker: Malcolm Torry, Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust

Monday July 7th 2014
7.45pm for 8pm
Ruskin House, Mandela Room
Coombe Road, Croydon

Come and find out about Citizen’s Income:
·        WHY it’s a radical ‘Big Idea’ whose time has come
·        WHY we must replace the complexity and misery of means testing
·        WHY a CI is unconditional, for every citizen
·        HOW it enhances opportunities and reduces inequality
·        HOW it’s affordable
All welcome – time for questions – bar opens 7pm
From East Croydon, buses 119, 312, 466, 197 - 3 stops to Coombe Road

Open meeting organised by the Croydon Green Party

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