Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Joint Coordinators for the Croydon Greens

'Co-leader' Tracey in the Advertiser

For a while now I've been finding it harder to maintain the levels of work required to coordinate our local party. Long serving Coordinator of our Sutton branch, Rob Steel, once said to me, "starting a family is the end of activism!" I wouldn't say it is the end, it depends on the individual, but certainly becoming a father, coupled with an increasingly stressful paid job, has put constraints on my campaigning time. Additionally, as one can observe from the posts on this blog, most of my activism in recent times has been devoted to stopping the incinerator.

At a recent local meeting, senior members came up with the idea of job-sharing the Coordinator role with Tracey Hague. This works rather well because we have been keen to raise the profile of the impressive Tracey for a while now. So when asked by the Croydon Advertiser to take part in the Vote 2014 piece, I asked if they would contact Tracey instead. The result is above.

Technically the job share concept for Coordinator has to be okayed at our imminent AGM, but we all foresee this to be a formality.

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Tracey Hague said...

I'd just like to thank Shasha for his single-handedly brilliant work so far, especially raising the local party's public profile in the last 5-10 years (along with many others - thank you all). I just hope I can keep our profile high & continue to be the go-to person for local media on so many issues. By sharing this role, if one of us is busy, the other should be free for journos.

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