Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Advertise your political party for free through TFL

In a previous post I highlighted the apparent disregard of electoral law exercised by RESPECT. As coordinator of the local party, I received the call from TFL on Christmas Eve, 25 days after the Croydon North by election, saying they would send out teams to remove fly posters from their bus shelters.

After asking for more details, I received a call back yesterday, saying that there will be no direct prosecution because the culprits need to be caught in the act because the organisation, in this case the RESPECT party, can claim the posters were affixed by a third party.

Part of me understands RESPECT's need to take actions which cross the line, if they indeed did do this. The problem is that we don't compete on a level playing field. Labour and Conservative parties can draw upon massive incomes from the Trade Unions and donors associated with the City respectively to get their candidate elected. Faced with a Goliath, should we use tripwire when we are only allowed slingshots??

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