Monday, February 27, 2012

Bombs Away Ottaway

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On Wednesday last week I was contacted by the Croydon Advertiser to comment on remarks made by Croydon South MP, Richard 'Bombs Away' Ottaway.

Below is an actual extract from the speech that Richard 'Bombs Away' Ottaway MP made during a debate last Monday at the House of Commons:

"The production or potential production of nuclearweapons has the ability to destabilise the region, with profound global impact.My hon. Friend says that the threat of military action is counter-productive. Iam sorry to say this, but I simply do not agree. I believe that if we take thisoption off the table, theIranians will gofull throttle, as my right hon. and learned Friend SirMalcolm Rifkind pointed out, in a speech of lucidity that I can only envy.It ill behoves anyone to quote Chairman Mao in support oftheir argument, but it was he who said that peace comes from the end of thebarrel of a gun. That is particularly pertinent here, and we must keep theoption on the table."

Knowing Mr Ottaway's track record for championing the best democracy money can buy ethos that clouds our parliament (see here), I thought I had better check the Register of Members of Financial Interest to see if something may have influenced his pronouncements.

Sure enough, something did grab my attention:

Extract from Register of Members' Financial Interest

My comment was along the lines of:

"When one considers Iraq and Afghanistan, has peace come from the end of thebarrel of a gun in these countries? Mr Ottaway seems to have a selective recollection of history.
I am concerned he may have been influenced by his recent trip to Israel at the back end of last year, funded by Conservative Friends of Israel. We all know that Israel has most to fear from Iran having a nuclear weapon.
I would like to hear Mr Ottaway speak about the benefits of nuclear arms reduction.
Mr Ottoway has an excellent record of speaking up for those who give him donations. I am thinking of Japan Tobacco International as well as Conservative Friends of Israel here.
"I am reminded of comedian Mark Thomas' Peoples Manifesto which contains the policy, 'Politicians should have to wear tabards displaying the names and logos of companies they have a financial relationship, like a racing car driver."

To the Croydon Advertiser's credit, the paper didn't shy away from reporting the wider story. I gave a comment clarification when it became clear they were also covering the 'trip to Israel' angle.

I wonder if 'Bombs Away Ottaway' listens to The Levellers......

No matter what country
Under the sun
You can't mete justice
From the barrel of a gun

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Shasha Khan said...

Credit must go to Bernice Golberg for first coining, 'Bombs Away Ottoway'. Lol. Cracks me up every time.

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