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Mr Cook - Stop the Burn


Press Release immediate


On 12th July Senior Planning Inspector, Brian Cook, appointed by the Secretary of State, will examine the soundness of the South London Waste Plan (SLWP). The examination, which is in the form of public hearings, will be held at Merton Civic Centre (1). They are scheduled to last one week. Disappointingly, groups opposing the SLWP proposals to build one or more incinerators within the four boroughs (Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton) have not been invited, nor given sufficient opportunity (2) to address the inspector at the hearings.

The Stop The Incinerator campaign (3) group will hold a demonstration outside the venue at 9am on the first day of proceedings (12th July) with the aim of making the inspector aware that there is resistance to the SLWP proposals.

Commenting on the latest developments, Secretary of the Stop the Incinerator campaign, Shasha Khan said:

“The Inspector has the power to throw out the South London Waste Plan. However, the omens are not good when worried residents are not being asked to make oral submissions. Inspector Cook could reassure campaigners and allow all groups to contribute to the Waste Plan but instead these Public Hearings have the feel of a kangaroo court. One just has to see the number of waste contractors scheduled to speak. (4)

“When challenged to rule out incineration, the South London Waste Partnership (5) claims it is ‘technology neutral’, yet this position is now out of date because in May this year, after the plan was published, the Health Protection Agency stated that it plans to study health risks from incinerators(6).”

“Incineration is bad for our health, bad for the environment and bad for our pockets. We’re calling on Mr. Cook to Stop The Burn.”



(1) The Hearing Sessions for the Examination will commence at 09.30 on Tuesday 12 July 2011, in The Council Chamber at the Civic Centre, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DX. It is currently intended that all the Hearing sessions will take place there. The Hearing sessions will end on Tuesday 19 July 2011.



(4) see attached timetable

(5) The four boroughs Sutton, Croydon, Kingston and Merton

(6) Studies show wards that are downwind from incinerators have higher infant mortality rates.

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