Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest post from Krista Peterson (USA)

Krista Peterson is a recent graduate from the University of Florida. She has passion for for environmental issues and green living. A short while ago she asked if she could compose a guest post. Her piece serves a reminder to all of us about a green lifestyle.

Krista says, "I have a passion for the wellness of others in our community and for the environment. I use my writings to spread awareness of such issues to encourage others to live the healthiest and most eco-friendly life possible."

Health Benefits of a Green Lifestyle

Living a green lifestyle is not only doing wonders in helping people to become energy efficient and improving the planet, but almost just as importantly, living this type of lifestyle is helping improve overall health, as well as helping in different cases of terminal illness. With a high number of illnesses being brought on by the environment, the benefit of pursuing a more organic, holistic approach to everyday life is becoming more and more apparent. Patients of these illnesses are helping to extend their life expectancy through health improvements, as well as seeing some of the other benefits of the lifestyle such as being more financially and energy efficient.

By not using a car for short trips, saving gas and money is a benefit, but that will also help improve physical condition through cardio activity. Whether it be a short walk or a long bike ride, any type of small cardio activity is always great for health and the heart. This type of exercise will help to reduce the chance of diseases and help to prevent certain symptoms of mesothelioma, or other types of cancer symptoms such as fatigue, irregular heartbeat, or inexplicable shortness of breath.

Speaking of shortness of breath, another way a green lifestyle can be particularly beneficial is within the lower amount of toxins being taken in. Whether it’s through household items such as cleaners or hardware items like paint, there are green alternatives to everyday items that will be more beneficial to the body. This will also help to prevent things like irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath, two common mesothelioma symptoms.

When taking a holistic and organic approach, the consumption and fashion of using water is an important factor in the lifestyle. By getting rid of bottled water, you can eliminate the chance of contamination from the chemicals that are used to develop these bottles, which are largely derived from petroleum. Using tap water with the proper filtering system will always make for the healthiest option for drinking water.

A healthier diet is one of the major reasons that living a green lifestyle can be beneficial. Eating less red meat is a general positive for almost anybody’s general health, while a green lifestyle will also include fresh and organically grown produce. Consumption of organic food is particularly important when it comes to not only general physical health, but in disease prevention and treatment. As mentioned earlier, many cancer patients alike are using a holistic, organic approach to the fighting of their diseases. This type of lifestyle can be particularly important towards a positive outlook in different cases of cancer and mesothelioma life expectancy.

Another way to ensure the use of fresh and organically grown produce is to garden them yourselves. By doing this you not only ensure the food is free of chemicals, but you will add to your physical activity by providing yourself with a consistent routine of being outside to work in the garden.

By going green and using healthier lighting in the house, overall health can also improve. Not only will using natural light during the day cost less financially and save some energy, it can also help the body. A little more exposure to sunlight through the lighting can help the body’s production of Vitamin D. The natural light can also improve overall mood, specifically in the winter time.

All of these aspects of a green lifestyle continue to show why living this way can improve a number of facets within people’s lives, but is also helping patients of terminal illnesses improve their own outlook. These examples also help to show why living this type of lifestyle can be very beneficial to one’s long term overall health.

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