Friday, October 08, 2010

10km Stiletto Walk

10Km Stiletto Walk!

On Saturday 9 October, CCAT supporters will walk 10km in stilettos through central Croydon to raise money and awareness of our campaign to help the victims of human trafficking in Croydon.

We estimate it will take around 3 hours, or just a tiny proportion of the working day of a young woman forced to sleep with men, every day, week in, week out.

To get involved, or to sponsor our 10km stiletto walk go to:

Did you know?

Ø Croydon is one of the biggest 'ports' for human trafficking in the UK

Ø Over 2 million people are trafficked across international borders each year,

70 percent are female and 50 percent are children.

Ø The majority of these victims are forced into the commercial sex trade

Ø Human trafficking in the second largest source of illegal income worldwide

exceeded only by drugs trafficking

Help us free the slaves of human trafficking in our town!

Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) exists to raise awareness about human trafficking and encourage action against it.

Grace Onions, Green Party candidate in Waddon, has just forwarded me the above!
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Anonymous said...

I thought the Green Party had sensible policies on prostitution. Why are you giving publicity to the false statistics of the prohibitionists? All their statistics have been discredited.

Shasha Khan said...

The Green Party does have a sensible policy on prostitution. In this instance I am concerned about trafficked women who are brought into this country as sexual slaves. If awareness is raised that there are women who are working in this enslaved environment then it can only be a good thing. What statistics do you refer to?

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