Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Afghani children face deportation

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On the same day the World Cup started, I was quoted on the front page of the Croydon Advertiser with regard to the forced deportation of hundreds Afghani children. Through my involvement with Friends of Thornton Heath Recreation Ground and youth work activity, I have had a chance to get to know these young persons. I wanted to give more detail to the Croydon Advertiser. However, confidentiality and clearance issues meant I didn't disclose the harrowing experiences these children had to endure in Afghanistan. The story continued the following week, too.

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Anonymous said...

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports

July 22nd 2010 Lower Coyne Street,
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Opportunity to get Live Hare Coursing banned in Ireland

Dear Friends,

Following the recent historic ban on carted stag hunting in Ireland (thanks mainly to the Green Party’s presence in our coalition government) campaigners against blood sports are hopeful that our government will follow up this achievement by banning the horrific practise of live hare coursing, in which hares are used as live bait in contests between competing greyhounds.

Here is a link to a film of what hare coursing in Ireland involves:

Thousands of hares are captured annually in Ireland for this “pastime”…to be chased and terrorised in wired enclosures for “fun” and “entertainment”. Many are mauled to death; others die of stress-related ailments or internal injuries after being released back into the wild following the coursing events.

Other hares, mainly the ones deemed unsuitable for coursing, are used to “blood” dogs as part of their training. This involves feeding them live to greyhounds. The greyhounds also suffer injury, ill-treatment, and neglect in coursing.

A decision will be made by the Irish government shortly (at some point before the end of August) on whether to permit yet another season of this barbaric blood sport. The hare-coursing season itself, if allowed to go ahead, would begin in the final week of September.

Perhaps you might congratulate Ireland’s Environment Minister John Gormley (who is also leader of Ireland’s Green Party!) on his historic achievement in banning carted stag hunting…And ask him to now consider refusing a license permitting the capture of hares for another season of live coursing in Ireland.

Without the legally required "netting license", coursing clubs could not capture the hares and there could therefore be no hare coursing.

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PS. It would of course be most helpful if you could pass this appeal on to another group or campaigner. Thank you!

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