Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sam Cam votes Green

On Monday, whilst visiting Windsor to view the castle - just viewing (£16 to go in!!!) - and sample the surrounds; on advisement from the Tourist Information Office, I took a short walk across the Thames to Eton College. I didn't know the Eton uniform comprised of an ostentatious tailsuit, collar and bright white shirts.....that is until I spotted groups of young men rushing from one historical building to another. You can't help but gawp when you see them in their uniforms, and its not too difficult to imagine Boris Johnson or David Cameron strolling across the road.

18 British Prime Ministers have been schooled at Eton. It breeds Prime Ministers and who knows David Cameron might be the next??

On the noticeboard outside one of the buildings I saw a poster promoting the 'House Debating' competition. Propositions for debate include:

"The House believes that the MPs' expenses scandal was a fuss about nothing."
"The House believes that the EU has done more harm than good."

The whole feel of the place reeks of the old boy network. It is hard to imagine that (call him Dave) Cameron would get any progressive ideas from Eton. Which leads to me believe that Cameron's apparent interest in green issues comes from Samantha Cameron. Indeed, it was recently revealed that she used to be - and might still be - a Green voter.

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