Thursday, November 05, 2009

London's Biggest Conversation tackles 'Green Beliefs' ruling

LBC: the radio station originally known as the London Broadcasting Company, now recognised as London's Biggest Conversation. I sometimes refer to it as London Bigots Conversation as it attracts some small minded callers. The presenters also take a stance to provoke reaction, mostly - from what I have listened to - from the right of centre perspective. Having said that, Ken Livingstone presents a show on Saturday mornings.

The night before last I fell asleep listening to LBC. As a result, yesterday morning I woke up to a Vitriolic Nick Ferrari discussing a story that a judge had ruled that green beliefs deserve the same protection in the workplace as religion. It was bound to rile the listeners. Green London Assembly member Jenny Jones was interviewed on the show to give weight to Mr Justice Burton's decision. Jenny managed to articulate how Greens (big G) feel when we see wanton disregard for green (small g) issues.

This seemed to be followed by a volley of callers who could at best be described as Climate Change sceptics.

I felt compelled to fire up the computer and go online and email the show with the following:

Do you or your listeners believe the planet has enough resources to provide for the predicted population in 2050? If everyone wants to live like an American we need four planets; An European three planets. Given the levels of economic growth in India, China and Brazil, can a business as usual approach seriously work? We're already going to war for resources…remember Iraq? I bet you don’t read this out.


Shasha Khan

I have emailed James O'Brien's show in the past but with no success. UNBELIEVABLY - because I simply wasn't expecting it - Vitriolic Nick read out my email within minutes. He omitted the last sentence though. Okay I lost the bet!

There is a bite size version of the show available here
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