Monday, May 25, 2009

Amnesty pledge signed

Thanks to Hugh Sandeman of Kingston Amnesty for forwarding this photo to me. It was taken at last weeks hustings held at Amnesty's head office near Old Street. I signed the pledge letter with pleasure. Incidentally, the UKIP panellist astonishingly blamed the furore around global warming on Margaret Thatcher who raised the issue in 1979. He insisted that climate change was not man made and that the planet was simply going through a warm period.

Amnesty International UK’s Pledge to Protect the Human

If elected as Member of the European Parliament (EP) I pledge to:

Uphold human rights within the EU
By holding EU states that were complicit with the US programme of rendition accountable and urging all member states to sign and ratify the optional protocol to the convention against torture

Uphold human rights in EU foreign policy
By ensuring human rights are not sidelined but rather are integral to trade, migration or energy polices with other countries

Secure sufficient funding for human rights
By strengthening the amount of funding for human rights activities and effectively scrutinising the EC aid budget

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Will that include Cuba?

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