Friday, August 29, 2008

Press release on Croypost facilities


Croydon Green Party spokesperson, Shasha Khan, today described the closure of composting facilities at Conduit Lane and Factory Lane as a “backward step.”

The compost, known as Croypost, is made from garden and green waste and is widely used by gardeners throughout the borough who collect it at the council’s site at Conduit Lane. Additionally, Croypost is available at the Waste Transfer and Recycling Centre at Factory Lane.

The Croydon Green Party has learned that the composting facilities at Conduit Lane and Factory Lane are due to close in October.

Croydon Council has signed a new contract that will see most green waste in the borough processed at a site in Beddington.

Shasha said, “Closing composting facilities at Conduit Lane and Factory Lane is nothing short of a backward step taken by this council. We should be heading towards a situation where Croypost is available from Croydon’s parks.

“By shifting services to Beddington, the council only succeeds in making it difficult for gardeners to collect the compost.

“Waste is a resource opportunity, not a problem. The council should adopt a zero waste strategy giving residents and businesses the opportunity to reuse, recycle and compost everything possible with minimum effort and maximum convenience.

I’ll be writing to the council demanding an explanation for what is a regressive decision.”

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Anonymous said...

The Green party has gained my vote
Great support guys.
Mr Stephen D'cruze

Arcacia Gardens said...

What is the betting
That no alternative site will be found in south croydon by the 1st of October or ever.
Who are all these Conservative cabinet members anyway.
And What is the betting this time next year free compost will not exist. ?

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me where the collect your free compost site has moved to from Factory Lane? I heard it was going to be somewhere in Beddington, but so far can't find it. Any info most appreciated. Thanks.

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