Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Climate Change Partnership in Croydon??

On 29th May the Sustainability Dept at Croydon Council invited representatives from, green organisations, schools, businesses, charities and council departments to discuss the idea of a Climate Change partnership for Croydon. Presently Islington operates such a scheme; which essentially is an opportunity for institutions, organisations and businesses to sign up to a voluntary scheme to reduce their carbon emissions. Full credit must go council officers Kia Colbeck and Anna Eltringham for putting on the event.

Tory MP Peter Ainsworth was one of the guest speakers. He naturally painted his party as the vanguard of the environment to which I had to put my hand up and ask him why the Conservatives had only adopted 3 out of 100 recommendations from Gummer and Goldsmiths, 'Quality of Life Agenda'. He replied that this was not true and that more would be adopted. We not holding our collective breaths.

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