Sunday, March 02, 2008

LDA Masterplan for Crystal Palace Park - object now!

The LDA Planning Application for Crystal Palace Park is a 30-year £67.5million ‘Masterplan’ which will set a dangerous precedent in that public parkland is being sold off to build luxury private homes.

Bromley residents should have been notified by Bromley Council of this application. However, many who care about Crystal Palace Park will have no idea of the huge changes planned for the Park by the London Development Agency. These include the construction of at least 180 private luxury housing units on public parkland. Anyone anywhere can object to this planning application.

Please write now and object, the closing date is possibly the 11th March. However there has been some confusion about the dates.

The Crystal Palace Community Association have drafted an objection letter which you can just sign and post, or alter as you see fit. You can download it from

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