Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brown’s Nuclear Plans Spell Disaster

Green MEP for South-East England Caroline Lucas today condemned Gordon Brown’s plans announced to MPs by Business Secretary John Hutton, which commit Britain to a future of nuclear power.

Dr Lucas, a long-standing campaigner against the use of nuclear energy, attacked New Labour’s “love affair with nuclear” as “a dangerous, irresponsible and costly distraction from the real challenge of tackling climate change”, following today’s Government decision which will spark a new generation of nuclear facilities in the UK.

She said: “Gordon Brown is guilty of the most staggering failure of political vision. The reason that Germany has 300 times as much solar power and 10 times as much wind power than the UK is simply because German politicians, led by the Greens, have had the political will to lead the way. And on energy efficiency, the government’s own figures show there is the potential to save over 30% of all energy used in the UK solely through efficiency measures that would also save money overall.

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