Friday, December 14, 2007

Greens demonstrate outside Clocktower

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Croydon Greens to demonstrate outside Clocktower

Croydon Green Party will be staging a demonstration outside Croydon Clocktower on Thursday 13th December from 7pm onwards. The protest will be directed towards Malcolm Wicks, Energy Minister and Croydon North MP, who is due to give a talk entitled 'Lessons from Antarctica'.

Mr Wicks visited Antarctica earlier this year. Commenting on this event, spokesperson for Croydon Green Party said,

"This evening's talk by Mr Wicks is a prime example of this government's approach to climate change - all talk and no action. Was it really necessary to fly all the way to Antarctica to find out about the effects of global warming? I think not - it's just a stunt!"

"The Prime Minsiter has said that climate change is the greatest challenge we face. Yet, Mr Wicks' department has slashed the grants for household renewable energy (1). Other countries such as Germany are way ahead of us in micro-generation."

Mr Khan continued, "It is clear that this government does not have the political will to tackle climate change."

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