Thursday, November 08, 2007

Croydon Greens ride with the Deputy Leader

Mike Armstrong explains to the Deputy Leader
what the issues are.........Council Officer in the
background taking photos!

ORIGINAL Press Release:

Deputy Councillor joins Croydon Greens on a cycle ride around Croydon

Councillor Dudley Mead will on Friday 2nd November(1) join Croydon Green Party members on a cycle ride around Croydon. The purpose of the event is to highlight the dangers and the risks that cyclists have to endure when cycling within the borough.

The original invitation was made out to Leader of the Council, Councillor Mike Fisher.

However, in his to reply to Green Party spokesperson, Shasha Khan, Councillor Fisher indicated that Councillor Dudley Mead would be “happy to join” the cycle ride.

Shasha Khan said, “As a cyclist, I find some of the junctions in Croydon terrifying. I am just pleased that we have the opportunity to impress on the Council the need to improve the current cycling facilities.

“Cycling has so many positive benefits, on health, pollution and congestion, yet previously Labour and now the Conservative Council are failing to put in place the high quality cycle routes that will encourage people to use this greener mode of transport.”

Mike Armstrong, who runs the blog, ‘Crap cycle lanes of Croydon’ (2) said:

“The facilities at present are tokenistic. They do not offer real value for money. The borough needs cycle routes that really make a difference.”



Details of the route are available upon request
(1) The ride will commence at 3pm outside the Town Hall on Katherine Street.

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