Thursday, August 09, 2007

Press Release: Local Greens heads off to Climate Camp

Local Green heads off to Climate Camp

Croydon Green Party member, Chris Sciberras, will be going to Climate Camp at Heathrow Airport next week.

The purpose of the camp is to increase awareness of the causes of climate change – and one of the main ones is air travel.

Speaking before heading off to Heathrow Airport, Mr Sciberras said,

“I want to help draw attention to the significant contribution that flying makes to greenhouse gases. I also want the Government to understand that expanding airport capacity only leads to more flights and more emissions.”

Climate Camp made headline news when the British Airports Authority (BAA) attempted to ban 5 million members of environmentalist organisations from entering the Heathrow Airport.

However, the court refused BAA’s demands for an injunction of Airport Watch, an umbrella group for environmental and conservation groups, including the Woodland Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Commenting on BAA’s demands for an injunction, Mr Sciberras said,

“I also want to protest against BAA's attempts to stop people exercising their democratic rights to protest peacefully.”

Croydon Green Party spokesperson, Shasha Khan added,

“We are becoming increasingly concerned about the attacks on people’s right to protest. BAA’s actions were completely unreasonable. Understandably, the focus of the Climate Camp is now as much about the right to protest as is it about climate change.”

The camp will explore grassroots solutions to climate change through workshops, skill-sharing, education, debate and entertainment.



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Anonymous said...

Chris is in Croydon Greens? Excellent! He was my tutor at KCL when I did my diploma in English Language Teaching!I plan to go there sometime over the weekend 18th-19th.

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