Monday, March 26, 2007

Press release: Local Greens budget response


Bernice Golberg, from Croydon Green party, today responded to Brown's budget, deeming it a failure to tackle climate change: "

It is not prudent to gamble with the climate - Brown's failure to act now on tackling climate change means we will pay later - as the Stern review has shown. "

After 6 months of rhetoric on climate change, there is a shocking absence of substance in this budget. Brown is being complacent in a moment of crisis."Brown needs a new golden rule - carbon cutting.”

Bernice Golberg went on to criticise the specific measures and targets outlined in the budget with regard to the environment: "

An additional 50 per cent for green grants for homes equates to just £6 >million - peanuts.

"A 30% increase for top band vehicles to £300 this year and £400 next year flies in the face of the governments’ own research about the price difference required to change behaviour.

“We need to see a rise to at least £1800 tax for the worst gas guzzlers to ensure people switch to greener cars.

"Exempting zero carbon homes from stamp duty sounds good but means little it will not incentivise installation of micro generation and insulation measures on existing homes.

"If he had raised fuel duty by 19p that would have cut carbon more than the rest of this budget put together - some 19 million tonnes over the next year. "Brown was right to reject VAT on domestic flights as having limited impact. But he has lost an opportunity copped out - Greens would have slapped an additional £100 on Air Passenger Duty on all flights to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 million tonnes.

"Cutting corporation tax is another step towards reducing the tax burden on big business - a step in the wrong direction."? The abolition of the lower tax band will be a blow for the lowest paid workers. Although tax credits may offset this for those with children what about those people and in poorly paid jobs without children?


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