Monday, February 12, 2007

Press release: Bensham Manor By Election

Press release:


The result of Thursday’s Bensham Manor by election shows that the Green Party is consolidating its position in local politics, says Party candidate Shasha Khan. The Party received 9% of the vote and came in a strong third, polling nearly twice the votes of the Liberal Democrats.

Shasha Khan said,

“The Green Party is now regularly out-polling the so-called ‘major parties' in Croydon Council elections. Given the amount of money the other parties throw into their campaigns, this represents a particularly good result.

Even though this is supposedly a safe Labour ward, Labour pulled out all the stops to hold on to the seat. As well as pouring cash into the campaign they also used their usual scare tactic of ‘vote for us or the Tories will get in’.

The Green Party doesn’t use scare tactics and we don’t campaign by simply throwing money around. We go out and talk to local people about local concerns – and one of those concerns is the fact that Bensham Manor is neglected under Conservative and Labour administrations alike.

Even in this so-called ‘safe’ Labour seat, people are beginning to realise that their elected representatives are neglecting the area and taking their votes for granted. The support that has been shown for the Green Party indicates that more and more people are now prepared to re-consider their traditional voting allegiances and vote for someone who will fight to improve the area.”

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