Thursday, December 14, 2006

Press Release: A green Xmas

Press Release (immediate)

How to have a Green Christmas

Local Green Party campaigners have put together a list of suggestions in order to have a Merry Christmas which doesn’t cost the earth. Many environmentalists are becoming much more wary of how their actions contribute to global warming.

Christmas Dinner:
Turkeys can’t fly very far but some have travelled a staggering 30,000 miles to get to dinner tables in this country! Shasha Khan commented, “It is important that shoppers look at labels on the food they purchase and choose the local option. European fowl and African vegetables can be forsaken for home farmed produce. Also try and support local shopkeepers.”

UK households already owe £1 trillion in debt. Thousands of people risk pushing themselves even deeper into the red. Bernice Golberg said, “Why not try purchasing gifts from a charity shop or giving Secret Santa presents. If you do end up with unwanted presents why not sell or pass them on using web sites or second hand shops.”

Cards and wrapping paper:
Each year, 200,000 trees are cut down to supply the UK’s 1.7 billion Christmas Cards and enough wrapping paper is used to wrap the whole of the London Borough of Sutton. In view of such massive quantities, it important that as much as possible is recycled or reused.

Christmas tree:
Each year over 6 million trees end up in land fill sites. It is possible to save money and resources by using a tree with roots that can be reused. Shasha Khan added, “You can enjoy watching it grow all year round.”


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