Thursday, November 23, 2006

Response to BNP message on wreath

Link to article in local paper

Croydon Green Party have co-signed the letter below which is being circulated amongst community leaders and politcal groups.

Dear Editor

The undersigned represent a broad collective of Croydon and London community representatives who wish to express their complete rejection of the actions of the BNP in Croydon at Addington Church on Remembrance Sunday.

The message attached to their poppy wreath which read:

‘To those who fell for our race and nation to keep Britain British we will never forget them. Croydon BNP’

along with the comments of their Press Officer who said:

‘that anyone who thought the wreath was offensive, wants Britain to be invaded’ and ‘The message does not mention the race of people fighting, but it is not a bad thing to want to keep Britain white’

only serves to demonstrate that despite their wish to give the illusion of being a genuine political party, they are no better than Hitler and his fascists, against whom soldiers from many nations around the world fought and died to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.

We believe in hope not hate. The BNP believe in hate. We are united in condemning the views and actions of the BNP, both in Croydon and throughout the country which have no place in a democratic society, such as Britain, which respects the contributions made by people of every race, nationality, colour, sexuality and religion.


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Jim Jay said...

Good letter - well done

Just a quick note to let you know you are in the
"">100 best green bloggers list

Anonymous said...

The statement is perhaps well-intentioned, but maybe a little outdated.
Does anyone really believe anymore the average BNP supporter is a Nazi? Mistaken perhaps, but not Nazis. Most anti-BNP activists have realised this and updated their language and arguments.
On the subject of freee speech ironically the worst offenders tend to be the government and anti-BNP activists such as the UAF.

Shasha Khan said...

Thanks Jim Jay!

Regarding the BNP letter: I felt the circulated text, composed by Cllr Carole Bonner, could have benefited from a bit of tinkering. However, with so many groups co-signing the letter it was important to get the letter out and crucially, the right sentiment was embodied in the text.

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