Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Peace March pictures

Croydon Greens pictured at the peace march.

Darren Johnson addressed the peace march in London today 5th Aug 2006

"Let us make our voices heard today in favour of peace and justice"

London Assembly Member Darren Johnson today addressed a substantial crowd protesting against Israel's sustained attack against the people of Lebanon. As a representative for the Greens, he reiterated the Party's call for and immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

"We in the Green Party join the demands for an absolute unconditional ceasefire now. And we demand that the British Government makes that their official policy with immediate effect. We say it is shameful that Britain is standing with the US - isolated from the international community - in allowing Israel's attacks on the innocent people of Lebanon.

"As a party of peace we condemn terrorism. But you don't fight terrorism with indiscriminate war. And you don't punish innocent civilians for the actions of terrorists. Collective punishment is a war crime. If we want a more secure world we need a more just world.

"Is it any surprise that when we sell rockets, missiles and tanks to aggressive regimes they start to use them? Last year the UK licensed arms sales worth £22.5 million to Israel. Let's rip up those contracts and supply no more.

"We also say to Tony Blair and the British Government it's time to end your special relationship with President Bush. We say its time to start a new special relationship with the innocent victims of war, oppression and injustice. We say it's time to start a special relationship with the innocent civilians of Lebanon. Those are the people who need Britain's support today - not President Bush. Let us make our voices heard today in favour of peace and justice.

"And let's demand an immediate ceasefire. An unconditional ceasefire."

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MJP said...

I have a few more photos of the march, sent a couple to Mike, but non of my photos are sadly of a great quality, not much of a photographer yah see. It was a great demo. though, a turn out of about 100,000 or so, with only a few days notice, it shows just how much of a strong feel there is against this governments foreign policy. Oh, and i also got to have a quick word with Darren Johnson after his speech... which was nice

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