Monday, July 17, 2006

Nuclear power letter sent to local papers.

Dear Editor,

Energy Minister and MP for Croydon North, Malcolm Wicks, has recently been on television and radio defending the conclusions of the Energy Review. I use the word defending because, as opinion polls show, the government is not reflecting the views of the people.

The decision to go ahead with a new wave of nuclear power stations will have massive implications for the whole country. There is no need for nuclear power to be tabled as a solution to our looming energy crisis. The UK’s vast renewable resources combined with simple energy saving methods provide a safer and cleaner alternative.It is baffling why an option that costs more, has huge complications in terms of waste disposal, could easily be the target of a terrorist attack, emits carbon dioxide in the production process and whose core mineral, uranium, is in ever diminishing supply, is being pursued.

I sincerely hope that future generations do not passage back to this point in time to find it was a Croydon MP, that took this country down an ill-fated nuclear road.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan
Croydon Green Party
Windmill Road

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amnestymember said...

I was at that meeting and would disagree - fear was the last thing he mentioned. Apathy was the first

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